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Blogger Labels: , Salman Khan recently celebrated his birthday party at his Panvel farmhouse. Close friends were invited at the party.salman-khan-katrina-kaif-199x300 Salman Khan celebrated birthday party in the absence of Katrina Kaif

It is said that Salman Khan did not miss Katrina Kaif who is in London for Christmas. But Salman Khan couldn’t have had it better three beautiful actresses for his attention at his birthday party.

Asin who is teaming up with Salman Khan in ‘London Dreams’ was invited and he got many compliments for her outstanding performace in the film ‘Ghajini’.

A source reveals, “Salman Khan’s family had decided that Salman’s birthday would be low key because of Mumbai terror attacks. Salman Khan’s mother made 15 dishes incorporating biryani and mutton paya and all the guests had a feast.”

This time Salman Khan did not invite all his friends and more than 100 guests turned up. Some stayed back at his sprawling farmhouse while the rest drove back home early yesterday morning. Aamir Khan was also invited and he gave him a painting. It’s a portrait of Salman Khan set against a bluish background painted by Aamir himself.


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