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Tuesday, February 17, 2009 (Pics: Dabboo Ratnani)


In an exclusive interview with, India’s ace photographer Dabboo Ratnani offered us a peek into the making of his 2009 calender.

While the lens-legend shared some exciting tidbits about his experience with the stars, he also unravelled some of the exciting secrets behind the shoot.

Though usually Dabboo covers 24 stars, this year he shot 48 marking the 10th anniversary edition of the calender.

Telling us about the edition, he said, "There’s a change in the format of this year’s calender, it’s double in size. There’s a lot more drama, it’s a little sexier. It offers a lot more variety in terms of angles and techniques used in photography."

Well isn’t this more than evident looking at this stunning picture of Katrina Kaif sitting on a horse!


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