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Kareena is sweet and supportive, she is my inspiration: Katrina

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai, March 06: Looks like Katrina Kaif is all set to retract her famous statement that two actresses can’t be friends, as the lissome beauty was spotted having a girls time-out with the other B-town siren Kareena Kapoor. Unbelievable but true, the hot bombshells have buried their rivalry.

The once archrivals, who raised many a eyebrows with their murky snides and tongue in cheek comments shot at one another, seem to have mended ways as suggests their display of sisterhood at Amrita Arora’a wedding.

Attending the wedding in the capacity of Arora’s bridesmaid, Bebo was seen mingling and chatting with Katrina, who was present at the venue as Sallu’s arm-candy. According to sources, the two divas greeted each other as long lost friends.

A news daily quotes a source as saying, "The cold war between Kareena and Katrina is a thing of the past. The two bonded at Amrita Ladhak`s wedding, chatting about everything from their films to designer outfits and how to maintain a fit and fab body without dieting."

The sultry beauties were so caught up in conversation that they even abandoned their beaus- Salman and Saif.

And if this display of friendship was not enough, the hot bod babes sealed their new found sisterhood with lavish praises. Speaking to a news daily, Kareena said, "Katrina`s a sweetheart! We had a blast together at Amu`s wedding. She`s one actress who is true to herself. That`s why I am fond of her."

Returning the compliment Katrina stated, "We had great fun at Amu`s party. Bebo is very sweet and supportive of me. She is my inspiration on how to have a fab, healthy body. Kareena inspires me. She was more than kind and gave me tips on how to have a healthier body."

Looks like that’ll mark an end to the infamous catfights between Kat and Bebo.


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