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Oh.. I’m just not in the mood to wish anyone good morning and hello-howdee-do today. Reason: well.. I’ve been hearing foul cries about my super efficient mulazims.. Rapchik Rajni and Madhu my Mottu Maid.. from everyone in town.. my kaaliberry is still ringing and I don’t want to attend to those lousy.. full of complaint SMSs.

It seems they’ve been showing extra affection to some highly unwanted fellas in town and supplying me tidbits lifted from them. So, I’ve had to take the first flight out from Greece and be here. I’m gonna surely take some action. But right now, I’m tired and still working.. something I so don’t want to do when I’m jet-lagged. But with such ‘efficiency’ around, I have to slog. Oof.

And what do I get to hear when I get back? Something about my dearest Salman Khan which makes my heart sob. Poor guy. He’s brought sunshine to the lives of so many.. even the women in his life who don’t care two hoots about him. I’m told.. by some reliable khabrus.. not the mulazims I have.. that the doll-like Katrina Kaif is acting too big for her boots with Sallu.. someone who’s lifted her standards professionally. Apparently, Kat’s air-laden behaviour upset Sallu so much at Amrita Arora’s Aurus bash that he simply left the do. No salaams and duas there.. so unlike him.

My dear Sallu was enjoying his drinks at the do. He had a peg and followed it with some more. Kats warned Sallu not to drink too much.. she thinks he doesn’t know how much to drink. Huh? Methinks success has hit Kat’s head too badly. Someone just tell the high flier that she still has a long way to go.. in the acting department at least.


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