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Katrina Kaif will be auctioning off some of her things in an effort to raise money for her mother’s orphanage – the Mercy Home - in Chennai. “Yes, I will be helping my mother to raise a fund of Rs 50 lakh, which is the amount required,” she says. She hopes that by doing this, it will prompt others to come forward to support the orphanage.

Meanwhile, Katrina has been advising Polish-German model Claudia Ciesla, her new mutual friend of Salman Khan, about her future options. "I understand her predicament of being an outsider in Bollywood,” Katrina explains, “I told her to get herself a good female manager like I have. And I wished her all the best."

Industry rumours suggest that Katrina is having second thoughts about appearing opposite Imran Khan in 7 Days in Paris. Changes apparently demanded by Imran of the script, which significantly reduce her role, appear to have made her cautious about committing to the project. “I am in talks about the film and have a great working relationship with Studio 18, but let the script materialise first,” she adds, “Then we will take a call.”


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