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They are the most successful actors in the industry currently.

But they have never acted together.

ksBut the latest buzz is that Katrina Kaif and Shah Rukh Khan are coming together for a Yash Raj film.

The film will be directed either by Aditya Chopra or Kabir Khan of New York fame.

This news also brings to conclusion that the cold war between Shah Rukh Khan and actor Salman Khan maybe over. Salman Khan’s girl friend Katrina Kaif having agreed to be part of Yash Raj project with Shah Rukh Khan.

The film will go to the floors in early 2010. It will sell like hot cakes a sit stars Katrina Kaif and Shah Rukh Khan together for the first time

The plan to cast the two was on the cards long time ago but the Khans war had put it on hold.

Yash Raj might also be hoping to repeat the curiosity value they created with New York and John and Katrina’s relationship that drew audiences in hordes to the theatres.


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