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While linkups and breakups happen every evening in Bollywood, there have been some couples who have been steady for years. Two such couples are Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif and John Abraham and Bipasha Basu. They have been together for years but at the same time remain unmarried.

Off late each of them have been linked up with someone or the other. While Salman Khan was linked up with international actress Claudia Ciesla, there were stories about Katrina Kaif and John Abraham. Bipasha Basu was getting close to her ex-boyfriend, Dino Morea though Dino denied that they were couple.

Going by the ups and downs in their relationships, we ask numerologist Niraj Mancchanda whether they should marry each other and if they do, how will their married life turn out to be. Here is what he has to predict...

Question: Should Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif get married? Leave your comments

BHOPAL: A youth, part of a large crowd gathered to watch Katrina Kaif shoot for her upcoming film here, is suspected to have jumped into a lake
and committed suicide after he was unable to meet the Bollywood actress. Police, however, were unable to verify the reason for the youth’s death.

Katrina and Ranbir Kapoor are presently shooting for their upcoming film "Rajneeti" here.

"An identity card with the name Motilal on it has been found from his pocket. The youth appears to be around 24-25 years old but there is no clue about his address. He had left no suicide note either," said Devendra Patidara, a senior police officer. The incident happened late on Saturday.

Even though there was speculation that the youth was star-struck, police said it was not exactly known what prompted him to end his life.

"Investigations are on to ascertain the cause of the death," Patidara said.

Mumbai: Sexy actress Katrina Kaif recently admitted that she will not work with Vivek Oberoi.

Even though Kat may express and exert her independence while taking her own decisions but it appears otherwise. Recently when Salman Khan declared that he doesn’t want girlfriend Katrina to work with Vivek Oberoi she confirmed it by saying, “I would not work with Vivek anyway" as per the reports.

Vivek Oberoi had grabbed headline in 2003 by alleging that he was threatened and harassed by Salman Khan for dating his ex-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai.

Katrina Kaif hurriedly added that she makes her own decisions and is not influenced by beau Salman.

But Kat we are no fools, we know why you came out with this statement.

Katrina Kaif

t’s raining endorsement deals in Katrina Kaif’s kitty. The actress, who is currently ruling the roost in Bollywood, has been signed as the brand ambassador of international cosmetic giant Oil of Olay that launched the newly formulated White Radiance range in India.

A source close to Kats adds, "Katrina is a youth icon of today. The international brand found Katrina to be the apt model to market their product."

This year, Katrina has been the top choice for endorsing brands. Only recently she was chosen by leading jewelry brand Nakshatra as their brand ambassador and now she has bagged yet another plum endorsement deal with Oil of Olay. The future certainly looks bright for this gorgeous actress.

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