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Wardrobe Malfunctioning is become a common phenomenon or fashion these days at award functions or Cat walk sessions.

Bollywood hotty Katrnia Kaif attended an awards event held on Sunday night to receive the ‘Woman of the Year award’ given out by a men’s magazine. Kareena Kapoor also was present at the function . Anahita Shroff repoertedly saved the day by fixing Katrina’s wardrobe malfunction at the event.

Katrina says about this episode, “When I was waiting backstage to receive my award, one of my friends stepped on it, and to my utter shock, it ripped right up to my thigh!

For the first time I really freaked out, as the organisers kept telling me it was time to go on stage. I asked my friend to go fetch a needle and thread to sew up the tear but the poor girl was so nervous that her hands kept shaking and the stitching was crooked.”

It was then that Katrina decided to take matters in her own hands. “I asked for Anahita, who had done Kareena and my styling for the event to come and help me. I was panicking by then! Anaita asked me to stay calm and within five minutes stitched it up so finely that I couldn’t see the tear.

Then I walked on to the stage to get my award. Normally this kind of thing hasn’t happened to me before, because we are always prepared at shows. My hairdresser or other backups are always there to help out.”

Reportedly when asked it was the same gown Katrina wore in Jauary this year , she admits, “Yes it was the same one I had worn a few months back. It’s one of my favorite gowns as I love the color red. I am glad I wore it as most of the actresses who came to the event – Lara, Aishwarya and Malaika were all attired in various shades of red like pink or maroon.”


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