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Bouncers of Bollywood pair Salman Khan and Katrina were involved in two unpleasant incidents and the victims in both the cases were women journalists.

As Salman was leaving the venue after the muhurat of Smita Thackeray’s film Society, one of his bodyguards was seen dragging away a female reporter and eventually hurting her.

The journalist, like her colleagues, were trying to get a byte of Salman.

Instead of stopping his guards, the actor was seen laughing sarcastically at the incident and was also heard saying "Have the abuses been recorded," as he walked out.

On the other hand, there was a somewhat similar incident here at the FICCI-FRAMES Conference in which Katrina was also present.

The actress was being pursued by a number of reporters while leaving the venue and one of her bouncers stepped on a journalist’s foot, forcing her to cry out in pain.

"Why are you pushing me like this," the journalist was heard saying.

But unlike Khan, Kaif expressed her concern towards the girl, asking her whether she was fine and told her bodyguard to "be careful" while handling the crowd.


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