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Anurag Basu is all geared up to make a film on the 50s love story of Kishore Kumar and Madhubala and he has Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif on his plate. While Ranbir will be essaying the character of the multi-talented genius Kishore Kumar; Katrina, reportedly, will sketch out Madhubala’s life. In fact, Katrina has already started to do some homeworks as she is watching the classic films of the beauty queen Madhubala. Anurag, on the other hand, is not ready to dish out details about the film. He secretively says, “I think it’s a little early to talk about it. I still haven’t got the principal cast of my current project, Silence, in place. But yes, Katrina is someone I am very, very fond of…for her looks, talent and nature. I am definitely working with her, if not in Silence, then in my next film.” Now, the most significant question is if Katrina will be able to do justice to this role? May be, an Aishwarya Rai (being the epitome of beauty and talent) would have befitted the role…..but then, of course, she can’t be paired opposite a very young Ranbir Kapoor. In any case, we will keep track on the reports and keep spoon-feeding you with the latest updates…….You can meanwhile ponder over the question if Ranbir and Kats will succeed in resurrecting the immortal romance from the Bollywood shores…….


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