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This is surely the first time in the history of Indian cinema that such a thing happened. One wrongly-pronounced word in her crucial public speech in Raajneeti had Katrina Kaif almost hysterical with anxiety just days before release. This is the story of how she returned to dubbing after the film’s entire post-production was done and the film was ready for release. The incorrectly-pronounced word was satta (politics) which came out sounding like satya (truth) in her speech.


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Says a source close to the project, "Katrina had worked relentlessly to get the speech right. She had worked on every word until she thought it was polished to perfection. When after seeing the trailers friends pointed out to her that the word satta was pronounced as satya, Katrina was aghast. She immediately contacted her director Prakash Jha to get the word corrected."

We’ve all heard read and mulled over Katrina’s determination to get the shudh Hindi-Urdu right in Raajneeti and how she got herself a Hindi tutor etc, etc. But the level of her determination to get the speech pattern in the crucial political speech was so high that Katrina actually corrected one word in the public-speech sequence.

Confirms Katrina, "Yes it’s true. You’ll hear the word satta being differently in the trailer and in the film. I did correct it much later. It wasn’t easy. But I was determined to get it right."


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