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The beauty surely knows the importance of relationship… Although there’s an alleged gap between Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan, the actress has not cut away the ties with his near and dear ones.

Recently the gori had organized a special screening just for Salman’s family. But no, Salman didn’t watch it though. In fact his father Salim Khan who had attended the show was quite impressed with Katrina’s performance. On a sentimental note Katrina said to sources that she wanted Salim saab to see ‘Raajneeti’ for very special reason. For, he’s the one who has seen Kat since her initial struggling days in Bollywood. “He’s very proud of me," remarked Katz excited.

Similarly, ‘Raajneeti’ director Prakash Jha is pleased and revealed that Salim saab was full of praise for the film. “He specially praised the dialogues which, coming from him, was a great compliment. Earlier, Salim saab had said what he and Javed Akhtar saab wrote as a cops story in Zanjeer was nowhere near the authenticity of my cops story in Gangaajal. He’s a generous man,” quoted Jha to sources.

We wonder when we can hear Salman’s verdict… Salman in fact had tweeted that he surely would like to see ‘Raajneeti’, giving hope to Katrina. Incidentally, the hunk star till now has not seen any of Katrina’s film… Looks like being away from the show, Salman has dashed Kat’s dreams…


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