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Mumbai: Actor Blogger Labels: Kaif plans to become an entrepreneur soon. She is nurturing the idea of opening a firm that looks at film marketing.
says, “I definitely want to start the film marketing division at the earliest. I’m basically seeking the guidance of my friends and colleagues about this and how to go about it. Film marketing has always intrigued me as it’s both exciting and challenging to see how a strategy to sell the product in the market and even to the audiences is made,” says.
The actor adds, “Film marketing right now is the most important factor to see how a film travels in this clutter of content. First, rarely does only one film release in a week; so there is internal competition. Plus, competition from Hollywood is also a factor in the urban cities. A well-marketed product will always have an upper hand in this cut-throat competition where the first weekend makes all the difference and a film is labeled a hit or a flop.”
has always been intrigued by numbers. “My decision to open a film marketing house comes from my love for numbers. I have always had numbers on my fingertips. Most people in the industry know that I remember most of the collection data by heart. So, I exactly know when a film that has not done well is claiming to be a hit. I want to bring a highly professional attitude at looking at marketing on the table and of course I will have veterans and really crafty people with strategies looking after my firm,” she says.
Reliable sources close to the actor add that she is currently mulling over where to buy a property to start her venture.
“It could be anywhere between Bandra and Andheri given this is the stretch that also frequents while going for a shoot to the studios. She has expressed to her really close friends and colleagues that it is Bandra or Khar that she is targeting. The actor will begin her search for an office space soon,” ends the source.


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