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Katrina Kaif, the successful Bollywood actress is in trouble as a porn video featuring her or her look-a-like has cropped and making rounds. After the video has hit the net, it has created a sort of storm. This video has been rated as the most watch in the list of popular videos.


The video features the girl getting her clothes one by one. Then she is shown in a naked pose and very much involved in group sex with many men. The video has made news across in a big way. The video is titled as ‘Katrina Kaif sex Scandal’. The popularity of the video can be gauged from the fact that it has been listed as the most watched videos on the internet.


Katrina Kaif has expressed displeasure over the video. She has said that the girl does not look like her and people are saying the she is Katrina. She says,” The girl’s face is completely different! I think it’s ridiculous to even talk about it,” Similar controversy has earlier been rising in the name of many other actresses. Katrina’s sister also was trapped in such a porn video scandal some time back.

A few months after her sister Isabel was embroiled in a sex tape controversy, which was being circulated in her name but actually featured a look-a-like, Katrina Kaif is now the target of a similar online craze. Not surprisingly, Katrina has issued a denial.

Katrina and her mother Suzanne Turquotte were the first one to dent and say that the video is fake. They also vowed to take legal action against the uploaded video. In 2005, there was a similar episode of Mallika Sherawat look-alike where a 19 year old was seen in the MMS tape.


Recalling the emotional moment with great pleasure Katrina says, “Suddenly there were 500 people Spanish, Indian and every nationality you can imagine, on this main street of Pamplona singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. It was an awesome moment and the best birthday gift I’ve ever had. It was very considerate of Zoya to arrange this surprise for me.”

Katrina Kaif is the only Bollywood actress who is famous in the industry not for her talent or acting skills but her attractive slim body. It is also the fact that people are crazy about her beautiful body and don’t like her acting in movies.

Now it is up to you to see where your weakest point. Katrina Kaif body is always perfectly camouflage scarves tied around the waist or a light skirt. She wraps the top of the long shirts, tunics or steam tied as a dress.


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