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What happens when the ex-couple meets? Katrina just met up Salman on Bigg Boss 4 for the promiton of her film ‘Tees Maar Khan’ and the hunk didn’t waste much time taking digs at his ex-girlfriend. When they were a couple even at that time in spite of never coming clean in the public about their relationship created enough hype with their relationship to be in the news. Also at that time Salman made fun of Katrina’s Hindi in a friendly banter.But now that they have split, Salman’s digs at Katrina left the actress quite a bit embarrassed and she let it go with her smile. The golden hearted Khan made the jibe by asking Kaif how low would she go, referring to her working with a younger co-star Ranbit Kapoor after she had worked with Salman and Akshay Kumar.

The camera also panned to Katrina’s face when Ranbir’s name was mantione by the Bigg Boss 4 host.In a quite dignified manner Katrina didn’t indulge Salman and preferred to stay silent with her smile intact. Even in ‘Dus Ka Dum’ Salman was not shy of pully Katz’ legs and even at that time she chose to be silent; we wonder for how long will Katrina put up with Salman’s banter. But once again it’s good to see that ex-lovers are not turning enemies and still can maintain a cordial, friendly relationship and can take the teasing lightly as it should be taken.


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