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Actress Katrina Kaif has been talking about getting into the advertisement business for a long time now but it turns out that the sexy lass has more plans that she took a lot of care not to let anyone know about.
According to sources, Kaif wanted to try her hand at film editing and now her wish has finally come true. The actress has apparently edited certain portions of filmmaker Farhan Akhtar’s upcoming Don 2.
But it wasn’t a cakewalk for her, as she was let to fulfill her wish, under the strict supervision of Farhan, who is also her long standing friend.
The rest of the film is being edited by veteran editor Anand Subaya who has previously edited films like Break Ke Baad (2010), Luck by Chance (2009), Don (2006), Being Cyrus (2005) and Lakshya (2004). Anand apparently was also present and supervised Katrina’s work when she sat on the editing table.
“Katrina Kaif wanted to try her hand in film production for a long time now. She is a very keen learner and sat down on the editing table to see Anand at work. Only after watching him and Farhan at work did she express the desire to be at the editing table herself,” says a source.
And Kaif, adds the source, was comfortable with the task at hand
because she was not part of the film in any way, which is why she
was sure that she would have an objective approach towards her
Most actors are known to get extremely jittery when their films reach the editing table because it is at this stage, when the final call is taken and the filmmaker decides how much of an actor’s role to retain and what to chop out.
Interestingly, the film in question has actor Priyanka Chopra in the lead and for the uninitiated — Chopra and Kaif are not known to be the best of friends in the industry.
Luckily for Chopra, she has no reason to fret over Kaif overseeing the editing, even though it was only for a small portion and not the entire film. “The portion that Katrina edited didn’t involve Priyanka’s scenes or even a Shah Rukh Khan scene for that matter. It was a small portion and the intention was to just let
Kaif get a hang of what really happens at an editing table and on what basis the decisions are taken,” says the source.
Kaif apparently was glued on to her seat and intently learned the nitty gritties of how to use the editing software. “Basically, she wanted to get a hang of the software. It was a bit confusing for her at first, but she is a very fast learner and she picked up the ropes pretty soon,” the source adds.
According to sources Akhtar told his pals that Kaif was quite thrilled with the entire experience. “After they wrapped up for the day, Katrina told Farhan that she was thrilled to have learnt something new, especially about something as important as editing a film. She also took the opportunity to tell Farhan that she admired the fact that he has so many talents — he can sing, he can make movies and act in them too!” the source ends.


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