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Katrina Kaif is getting all the attention for her controversial statement made in connection to Rahul Gandhi. A few days back, she had said that Rahul is half Indian and half European, just like her.

There were also reports that BJP is now ready to encash on this statement made by the actress. But rubbishing any such rumours, Vani Tripathi, National Secretary, Bhartiya Janta Party said “Why would the party even think on those lines of getting her on board. This shows the mindset of the party. These rumours are all rubbish."

Elaborating further on the issue, she went on to say “She is a good actor and has an amazing career, why should we massacre it by giving it a political scenario. Let her continue with her work and our party will do its own work. We don’t believe in using anyone for the heck of publicity."


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