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Katrina Kaif has been seen on the covers of many magazines lately, and it is no surprise with her new movie soon to be released. First, we have her gracing the cover of Marie Claire. She is wearing a skin-toned sari with one hand on her hip, and the other free flowing off to the side. She looks calm, yet collected in this picture, which makes for a very breezy, feminine cover girl on this stylish magazine.

Next, we looked at her cover of Filmfare. On this magazine, Katrina wore a sleeveless green gown, and she looked phenomenal with eyes that glow along with her smile. Her long dark hair is down and curled, and she matches the “She’s Got Mojo” headline that is next to her quite perfectly. This movie star looks elegant in her green gown, and we are fans of this magazine cover.

On the third magazine, Katrina is wearing a somewhat scandalous little black number, complete with a thick belt around her small waist. It looks like a combination of a dress and a piece of lingerie, which is suitable for Maxim. While the outfit is slightly risqué, she still has that look in her eyes that says “innocent and elegant” and this is why we adore Katrina; she is an admirable actress.

Katrina also graced the cover of Femina. She wore a violet sleeveless dress that matched the font color on the cover. The color compliments her dark eyes and hair, and she is looking very happy and worry-free in this photo. We love this look for her; she wears it very well.

The final magazine cover that we just had to include in our Top 5 was her cover of Vogue India. She stares in away that looks fiercely fearless. While we can’t really see much of her outfit, she is wearing a long, gleaming necklace that we like a lot.

The color of her top matches the font color on the cover, similar to the previous cover. With these five magazine covers, it’s no surprise that all the magazines want Katrina Kaif to grace the cover of theirs!


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