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On Tuesday, Katrina Kaif shot for the item song ’Aaya Re Aaya Bodyguard’ with Salman. She could spare just a day and when Salman, in all his wisdom, decided to rope in his bodyguard Shera into the number, Katrina smilingly bore with that intrusion also.

Exhausted at the end of the day, she said, "It’s just small appearance. There was no question of not doing it. And not just because it’s Salman’s song."

Katrina’s relationship with Salman Khan’s family is unconditional. She remains as close to Salman’s sister Alvira today as she was when she was in a relationship with Salman.

Says a source close to Katrina, "Katrina is not only doing the song because of Salman. She would in any case do anything for him. But more than Salman, she agreed to do the item song for Salman’s sister Alvira who produces Bodyguard along with her husband Atul Agnihotri."

Says Katrina, "Yes, Baby (Alvira) is a very dear friend. And there was no question of saying no to her."

So is this a move towards getting back close to the Khans? Everyone is talking about the public hug that Salman Khan gave the lovely actress at an event last week.

But Katrina protests, "It was just a brief friendly hug, not a slow-motion lingering embrace that everyone seems to have imagined. Just like my kiss with Hrithik in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. You’ve to admit it was highly exaggerated in the way it was written. It’s just a normal fleeting kiss and not a torrid smooch. And can we not grow up about kissing in films? It’s like fussing about clapping or laughing on screen. Kissing is just as normal."


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