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In 2010 Katrina Kaif walked to Karan Johar’s house asking for a Dharma Production. She wanted to be the girl in the Dostana sequel. Karan was obviously flattered.
Unfortuantely for Kat, Tarun Mansukhani the director of Dostana has been stuck without a second half for the Dostana sequel. So the film has been long delayed in the making.
When Kat heard Ayan Mukerjee was casting a leading lady opposite her estranged boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor for a Dharma Production, she once again sent out feelers seeking the role.
A trade source says, ``Since Kat is the No 1 Bollywood girl today Karan and co were reportedly flattered
with her interest in the project.
However when it came to the crux, Kat happily chose Aditya Chopra over his best friend Karan Johar. Since she had a choice between allotting dates in the month of November 2011 to the Shah Rukh-Yash Chopra project or the Ranbir Kapoor-Ayan Mukerjee project, she chose SRK and Yashraj over Ranbir and Dharma.
A source says, ``Kat has clearly played favourites and this has reportedly not gone down well with some at Dharma.
However Karan Johar maintains a good equation with Katrina on the face of it. So naturally no one is willing to say anything on record.


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