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Katrina has topped the popularity chart among the audience leaving her arch rivals far behind.
Over the last eight months, a media research firm that specializes in film research, has been tracking star popularity for male and female actors, and month after month the results have been in favour of Katrina Kaif, who has given over a dozen hits now. She is one of the two most favourite actresses for 49 per cent of 17,000 cinegoers. Next on the list is Aishwarya Rai with 24 per cent; Kareena Kapoor with 18 per cent; Kajol with 17 per cent and Priyanka with 16 per cent.
Contrary to what several film producers and directors believe, that Katrina can’t act, as per the media research firm’s findings, the youth that frequent theatres believe that Katrina is a ’good actor’, she has ’great screen presence’, she is a ’great looker’, has ’immense confidence to back her looks’ and has a ’personality that connects with the upbeat mood of today’s youth’.
Confirming the craze for Katrina over the last few years, is Brijesh Tandon, film distributor-exhibitor, Delhi-UP, "Today when we mention Katrina’s name, the response is Wow! Her presence lifts the film by at least 25 per cent in this hero-centric industry. We had seen this trend during Madhuri Dixit’s time."
Hinting upon the industry’s subverted way of functioning with certain actors being repeated despite half a dozen flops in a row, says a screen writer,"Being signed for the biggest movies or hyped up endlessly in the media is not the criteria for success for a commercial film star.The single most indicator of success is being accepted by the audience and that has happened with an actress after many years. Perhaps after the last super star Madhuri Dixit."


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