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You might not see actress Katrina Kaif issuing any clarification again. The actress says that there’s no point in correcting gossip that sometimes circulate around.
“What the point in coming out with a clarification. In that case, I am already fanning an existing rumour. The best way to deal with it according to me is to just let it pass,” says Katrina.
Referring to the alleged ongoing cold-war between her and actress Sonakshi Sinha, and further rumours about her not replying to Sonakshi’s apparent text messages, she adds, “What I did is not the point of contention here. The point is what I didn’t want to do. I didn’t want to show the world that it is something that bothers me. In any case, most of the times I don’t get to read or watch TV. I only get to know about such rumours when somebody tells me that he/she has read something about me. Most of the times, I tell the person not to bother about them,” she adds.
Katrina says that it is the main reason why she didn’t hop onto the Twitter bandwagon like her other Bollywood colleagues.
“We anyways talk so much about what we are doing and eating. I don’t think the audience needs to know more of us. It might be an overdose! Since I don’t want to clarify most of the things going around, coming on Twitter at that point of time doesn’t make any sense,” she says.
“I’m far too much of a private person to share everything about my life with the whole world. I’m not against who do, but it’s not something I choose,” she adds.
But the leggy beauty doesn’t want to say never.
“You can never say never. I am very active online, so you never know when I will change my mind. I recently judged an online dance show for the airline I endorse so through that process I came to know about the enormous power that internet has,” she says.


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