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Katrina Kaif is getting set to shuttle between two big projects — one each with industry rivals Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. While
shooting for Ek Tha Tiger with ex-boyfriend Salman will begin next week, Yash Chopra’s romantic film with Shah Rukh goes on the floors in
a few months.

And although the actor is excited to work with the latter, she’s scared and unsure of what to expect. “I’m terrified of working with SRK. I don’t
know what it’s going to be like, but I hear he makes you feel comfortable,” she says, adding, “The other day, I wanted to ask him
what I must do if there’s a scene where I am supposed to look at him longingly, but I can’t act when I stand in front of him. What if the
words don’t come out? What if I choke?”

Salman-Katrina will be seen together in Ek Tha Tiger....

Even then, Katrina claims that unlike many of her contemporaries, she hasn’t grown up in awe of her co-star. “I’m sure he hasn’t seen me either when I was a kid. We both come with a clean slate in that regard,” she jokes.

SRKMeanwhile, Ek Tha Tiger marks her return to working with Salman, three years after co-starring in Yuvvraj (2008). She says, “Salman and I acted in two successful comedies together and one film that didn’t do well. I was a part of Ek Tha Tiger even before they approached him. After New York (2009), Kabir (Khan) and I became good friends and he narrated the film to me a day before I started shooting for Zindagi… Salman was cast much later.” She adds, “It was a coincidence. Why should we not do a film together? We are grown-ups and I am comfortable working with him.”

When asked whether it’s tough to be working with the archrivals, Katrina denies it vehemently: “This is a misconception in the media.

All of us are fairly responsible individuals and decently well-behaved people. We all have separate and different equations, which are
sometimes cordial and sometimes not so friendly. Everyone must respect that person’s individual equation. Camps don’t exist.”


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