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Katrina started her journey with the prominent production house with ‘New York’. The film showed her in a very serious role that critics thought the glam doll would not be able to carry off.
But, she proved them wrong. Kat’s role in the movie, her acting skills were appreciated and applauded.
The Deccan Chronicle quoted an industry analyst, “When YRF offered Kat a serious film like ‘New York’, everyone thought she was going to fall flat on her face. But the movie cleverly played up Kat’s plus points. Now with the brownie points she’s earned for ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’, YRF’s faith in her seems to be well- founded.”
Kat does not consider herself to be the chosen one
Now Kat has multiple YRF films coming her way. But Kat refuses to call herself the ‘blue eyed- girl’ of the YRF camp.
Katrina said, “See, we’re all trying to do our best. It’s good to shoot for a film when you have a great script.”


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