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Katrina Kaif’s first public brush with the law was when she was visited by taxmen earlier this year, but that seems to be a closed chapter now. When she alighted from her vehicle at the Mumbai Police headquarters just a few days back, it took onlookers by surprise.

Word spread like wildfire and before long every policeman in the premises was trying to figure out what sort of complaint had brought the pretty actress there. Well, your diarist has the low down.

Apparently Katrina, who is a British national, has been making a trip to the Special Branch every six months in connection with police verification for her work visa. When she first arrived in India, Deven Bharti was in charge of the SB-1 branch and would facilitate the process.

After he was promoted and took charge as the Addl Commissioner, he was replaced by Rajvardhan. Over the years, Katrina developed a rapport with both the officers.

So even after Rajvardhan subsequently moved to Economic Offences Wing as Addl Commissioner and there is a new officer in charge of SB-1 branch, Katrina makes it a point to meet both Bharti and Vardhan for a cuppa whenever she visits police headquarters. We hear many officers are busy figuring how to crash this particular tea party.


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