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bi-8362Salman and Katrina in Dublin Salman Khan looked suave, dressed formally in a navy blue coat over grey trousers while shooting with Katrina Kaif for director Kabir Khan’s film Ek Tha Tiger at the Trinity College Dublin in the Irish capital.
The shoot was held on the college campus and had Katrina walking along with a bicycle. Salman joins her and the two take a stroll down the campus.
In the movie, Salman Khan plays a special agent of Indian intelligence services. He is codenamed Tiger. He is sent on an important mission to track down a scientist who is suspected of selling a dangerous missile technology to the terrorists. Katrina Kaif plays a dance student who is also the caretaker of the aforementioned scientist. To get close to the scientist, the agent befriends Katrina and the two fall for each other.


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