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(File photo) Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif
I knew no one in Bollywood when I started my career. I was an established model but was finding my foot in the film industry.
I was a fresher when I met Salman but he saw a potential and encouraged me in many ways. Salman Khan has supported me right from the beginning of my career and is one of my closest friends till date.
He has taught me the nuances of acting and he was the one who gave me an insight into this industry – how it works and the nitty gritties of it.
However, he has never interfered with my decisions, he has never instructed me about not doing a movie or to sign for a particular project.
It is totally false that he asked me not to work with certain actors. I have a chosen a career that requires me to be in the spotlight all the time.
People keep writing about my personal life and so-called on-and- off relationship with Salman, but it doesn’t bother me anymore as it’s a part and parcel of the entertainment industry. About my relationship status, I am single and Salman is a great friend.


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