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Fitness expert Yasmin Karachiwala, who happens to be Katrina Kaif’s trainer, says given a choice, the actor would never exercise. She says, “She dislikes working out. But being in an industry where acting, looking good and having a super body is a prerequisite, one is left with no choice. The important thing is to choose the right exercise and trainer.” Yasmin reveals Katrina’s workouts are a mix of hard work and fun. She does a lot of functional training exercises combined with resistance bands, TRX, Bosu, spinning, and trampoline workouts. She says, “I try to give the exercises funny names like bunny hops, frog jumps, monster walks etc and have a printed workout each time she comes to the gym. This way, she knows exactly what she’s going to do. And if there is something she really dislikes, I substitute it with something else.” Katrina does full-body workouts with cardio interspersed, as she hates doing only cardio.

KatrinaAre there any specific challenges while working with a celebrity? She says, “The toughest task is when she comes to the gym after a day of shooting. I know that she’s tired and totally disinterested and have to plan the workout in a way that works for her.” On such days, pilates work the best since it is the perfect combination of stretch and strength and whose “breathing energises.” Yasmin feels the best thing about Katrina is her focus and dedication: “If she wants to look a certain way for a movie, she doesn’t shy away from working towards it.”

Katrina’s daily diet

Meal 1: 1 small bowl oats with skim milk
Meal 2: 3 eggwhites
Meal 3: 1 jawari roti + 1 bowl veggies + 1 bowl daal
Meal 4: 1 veg juice
Meal 5: 1 open sandwich
Meal 6: 1 bowl salad, 1 bowl soup + grilled fish/ chicken

Actor’s weekly workout schedule

Mon: 10 mins warm-up on the treadmill, 50-55 mins functional training (full-body workout)
Tues: 1 hour of advanced pilates on the reformer
Wed: 10 mins warm-up on elliptical trainer, 50-55 mins bootcamp workout (full-body circuit)
Thurs: 10 mins warm-up on powerplate, 50-55 mins of cross training (includes TRX, Bosu and dumbbells)
Fri: 1 hour pilates on the wunda chair
Sat: 10 mins warm-up on the trampoline, 30 mins dumbbell + kettlebell workout, 30 mins pilates on the cadillac.
Sun: Rest


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