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According to a birdie that has been chirping non-stop about the rollicking friendship between Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, the two stars met for a ‘special date’ on Sunday and it would have been their first private outing since they broke up two years ago.

But the events of the day turned out such that Salman Khan couldn’t reach on time.

Here’s what happened on Sunday, April 1:

Salman Khan left his Galaxy apartment around 11 am and headed to a gift shop to buy something special for Katrina, a gift he had finalized in advance. However, once there, he was shocked to see Shahrukh Khan already inside the shop. Instead of barging in, Salman decided to wait outside but SRK took his sweet time bumming around in the shop, while Sallu, parked outside, fumed with rage and impatience. Finally, after about 40 mins when SRK walked out, Salman Khan ran in, picked the gift and off he went, obviously not without paying for it.

On the other hand, Katrina Kaif had already arrived at their rendezvous spot and waited impatiently. To make matters worse, when Salman reached the said hotel where he was to meet Kat in a restaurant, he was shocked to see Vivek Oberoi. Oberoi was in the thick of preparations to hold a press conference to deny the allegations that he was caught smoking hookah in a police raid two days back. Now, Vivek in a press conference is certainly not the sight that Salman enjoys, so he froze in his tracks and doubled back, to make a back-door entry.

However, at the rear entry, he was mobbed by a couple of enthusiastic charity workers, all wearing Being Human T-shirts. They were about a dozen in number and all were adamant on having their tees signed on by Salman. Now, the Good Samaritan that Salman is, he couldn’t refuse and killed another 10 precious minutes of his time obliging them all. Thereafter, he dashed for the elevator, but it was ‘out of order’. He took the stairs and encountered a number of ‘wet floor’ warnings. But the unstoppable superstar skid past them like a true-blue Dabangg and when he reached at the restaurant, Katrina Kaif was fidgety and impatient.

“Where’s my special date,” she was overheard snapping at Salman Khan. At which, Salman Khan produced a pack of imported and fresh palm dates which the two friends enjoyed eating together.


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