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Mumbai: Guess what was Katrina Kaif told when she joined Farah Khan to shoot for her movie Tees Mar Khan?

Well, she had to match steps with Madhuri Dixit!

In the film, Katrina will be dancing to the famous Dhak Dhak Karne Laga (from the film Beta) that made Madhuri Dixit a sex symbol overnight!


“Katrina Kaif is working hard to do justice to Madhuri Dixit’s steps. She has been told to perform on the track Dhak Dhak which is one of Bollywood’s historic numbers,” says a source.

When we got in touch with Farah Khan, she confirmed that Katrina is rehearsing day in and day out to give that perfect performance for the song that has been made memorable by the ex queen of Bollywood.

Says Farah Khan, “Katrina has to do a village belle number like Madhuri. I’ve even given her Madhuri’s DVDs to watch so that she gets the right expressions and the thumkas. The song will be shot at Malsej Ghat and Kat will rehearse with chief choreographer Geeta Kapoor and me.”

We came to hear that Katrina is so kicked about the song that she is taking time out to study Madhuri’s facial expressions, her movements, and is practicing nonstop to do justice to the song and to Madhuri Dixit.

Reveals a source close to Katrina, “Katrina is a big fan of Madhuriand she is so excited about dancing to her song that she is going all out to practice and study Madhuri’s moves. She can’t wait to dance to the track.”


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