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Whoever said that Katrina Kaif can’t speak Hindi perfectly well? Well, a lot of people actually! But that’s all about to change now! Katz, who was not born in India, doesn’t speak Hindi fluently but that doesn’t stop her from making hit movies!img1
The Raajneeti actress recently told The Times of India "I’m fully aware that my Hindi has been criticized by a lot of people. But I must say I’m okay with personal criticism, so long as my films work. The Hindi I have spoken in Raajneeti is more correct than all my previous films. I have taken special care to dub my lines carefully. Hindi is not the second language of many actresses who are around at this point. So why single my Hindi out for criticism?"img
And there is no need for katz to feel insecure about her language skills as she has a secret weapon; her great memorizing skills!
"What makes it all easy is that I have a very good memory. So, no matter what lines you give me or how long it is, even if runs into three-four pages, it’s never a challenge to memorise it. I only need to work on the accent, and you have to remember that Hindi is not my first language," the actress, who just starred in Raajneeti opposite Ranbir Kapoor and Arjun Rampal, told The Times of India.
"The good thing is that with a movie like Raajneeti you have to concentrate only on the scenes you are doing, and you don’t spend time doing rehearsals on songs and dance. Although, I love doing song and dance numbers, for this role I really understood the emotions of the character," she added.
We guess she’s all sorted then! Do you think Katrina should work on her Hindi skills or do you think her accent is simply charming? Drop us a line.


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