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This Independence Day, a special edition of Jai Jawan will travel to north of the country, Naushera to be specific and gracing the show would be, Bollywood’s leading actress- Katrina Kaif. Situated in the heart of Soon Valley, 130 kms from Jammu, Naushera gained prominence during the Mughal Era, due to the route from Delhi to Srinagar.

The importance of Naushera in today’s time (with respect to the Indian Defence Services), is that it’s an area, where POK can plan major territorial gains.

Katrina Kaif is said to have taken some time off from her busy schedule, to spend some quality time with the Jawans. She experienced all the obstacles, a Jawan undergoes during his training. She confidently participated in various army activities, the most significant one being- handling an AK 56 riflle. The jawans enjoyed the experience of playing Tug of War and Volley Ball with the leading lady. A special highlight of the show would be, Katrina watching the handling of a Bofors gun.

She enjoyed riding Army bikes and interacted with the Jawans and also with some of their families. She spoke to them about their lives, her upcoming movies and ensured that she got a smile on the faces of all the Jawans, who lead a hectic life, away from their families just to protect our country.


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