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Her Anglo-Indian looks have earned her many an accolade. In spite of her father being from Kashmir, Bollywood hottie Katrina Kaif had never visited the beautiful state of Jammu and Kashmir.
But thanks to a reality show shoot, she got a chance to do so.
A source from the show adds, “She was very excited when she reached Kashmir as it was her first trip here. Katrina said her father never visited Kashmir after the family moved to out, nor did she ever got an opportunity to visit, even for shoots. She said she thought that Kashmir looked like something out of a fairy tale movie!”
On her trip, Katrina says, “I mean the opportunity did not come up because obviously my family and my father have not been here in many, many years. I also feel there is a time for everything and may be this was the time Kashmir was supposed to happen.” Seems like Kat was bowled over by Kashmir.


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